Online Faculty Development Program

deadline for submissions: 
October 15, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Department of English, Pondicherry University

Literary Studies in the New Millennium(FDP) FINAL.pdf


Concept Note Faculty and scholars working in the field of literature are very much aware as to how literature has begun to mushroom and spread its tentacles like an octopus drawing from various sources. The influences are widespread, and the sources are from fields as varied as ecology, environment, visual culture, mass media, physics, and geography. In order to acquaint faculty and scholars with these new critical theories that have burgeoned, the Department of English at Pondicherry University has envisaged this seven-day FDP on “Literary Studies in the New Millennium”. This program has been planned to update and inform the participants of the critical issues and research interests in emerging and contemporary literary studies.


Outcome:  The outcome of the program is to create awareness regarding theories of literary interpretations and to enlighten participants about the new directions taking shape in humanities. The program also hopes to provide novel theoretical tools and techniques to interpret literature.


Lectures: The resource persons for the FDP are experts in their respective fields. The lectures would be of an hour’s duration followed by 30 minutes interaction. The lecture sessions will be scheduled between 4pm and 9pm, taking into consideration the time difference between India and USA/Europe.


Resource Persons Dr. Esther Rothblum Dr. Shane Hall Dr. Hubert Zapf Dr. Ela Przybylo Dr. Richard E. Rubenstein Dr. Swarnavel Eswaran Dr. Kavita Daiya Dr. Angus McBlane Dr. Chitra Panikkar Dr. Hemachandran Karah Dr. Rajkumar Dr. Sathyaraj Venkatesan Dr. Anubhav Pradhan Dr. Jibu Mathew George Dr. Dickens Leonard Dr. E. Dawson Varughese (San Diego State University, USA)- Fat Studies (Salisbury University, USA)- Climate Studies (University of Augsburg, Germany)- Cultural Ecology (Illinois State University, USA)- Asexual Studies (George Mason University, USA) -Conflict Studies (Michigan State University, USA)- Film Studies (The George Washington University, USA)- Migration & Graphic Narratives (IIT, Gandhinagar)- Post Humanism (Bangalore University, Bengaluru)- Pandemic Literatures (IIT, Madras)- Disability Studies (Delhi University, New Delhi)- Trauma and Testimony Studies (NIT, Trichy)- Medical Humanities (IIT, Bhilai)- Urban Studies (EFL University, Hyderabad)- Memory Studies (Centre for Studies in Social Sciences-Kolkata)- New Cultural Studies (Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal)- Graphic Fiction