A Critical Companion to Stokes Prickett

deadline for submissions: 
December 20, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Sherbert Taylor

A Critical Companion to Stokes Prickett

deadline for submissions: 

December 20, 2021

full name / name of organization: 

Sherbert Taylor

contact email: 


A Critical Companion to Stokes Prickett

edited by Sherbert Taylor, Professor Emeritus

The author of the Foodie franchise (six books) which over 100 word-weary literati got in the mail, Stokes Prickett was lionized in an official report in the New Yorker (Adam Dalva’s “On the Trail of a Mysterious, Pseudonymous Author,” July 15, 2021). With Gourmand, a sequel, already in circulation, the legend of Stokes Prickett is cemented. He is revving his engine and writing more. A proper campaign might call upon society to silence such a hellbent novelist, yet we seek contributions to a critical companion. No genre is complete without the would-be sympathizers who critique the articulate tomes and bad deeds of our finest scribes.

Did you open your mailbox during our ham-fisted young decade and bear witness to the electrification of our utmost genres? Contact us. When you peered into the envelope, starstruck and silenced, did your limbs remain steady? Did your pulse sync with a rhythm exalted as Goethe’s? You are part of an exclusive and sexy cadre, as we know Prickett doesn’t care for just anyone reading his life’s work. (One fellow dripped street-corn toppings on his.) This anthology will provide a serious enough exploration of experimental fiction and one undercompensated author of such literature. Morose as detectives, the critics pit Prickett against various “works” of literature, which is more or less a contemptible label for the little effort it looks like went into them. Or superficial preference is handed to those digital vultures who’ve scanned books to hell and back so that when we work on explaining them they arrive like so much digital porridge, lucid and orgiastic. We particularly welcome submissions that can illuminate overlooked Prickett tomes such as The Merman’s Credenza (2021), Amplitude Lozenge (2020), or The Convent and the Crossbow (2018). Choice reviews of Prickett’s electrician work are also welcome, including his handling of household illumination or, hell, even copper-wire episodes or the removal of scorched circuitry.

This volume will be interdisciplinary and sensuous, including amorphous nods to philology, literary studies, farm studies, menu studies, critical food studies, Prickettology, Stokesology, etc. The chapters will be peer-reviewed by scholars so well read and high that even a pandemic can’t level the playing field.

Contributions may include, but are not limited to, such topics as:

• Heart-wrenching and painful analysis of one or more Foodies.

• Experimental fiction: what of it?                                      

• Salaciousness in paperback productions

• The topography of literature

• This is a super fucking relatable series, Foodie. Reminds me of the time my friends and I

• Literary entrepreneurialism

• Picket-sign franchises

• Shit that comes free in the mail

• Visions of Dale

• Adam Dalva: What is it with him exactly?

• The United States Postal Service

• Farmwork as philosophy/mythology

• Failed restaurateurs

• Some fucker said he got like four Foodie books; how come I only got one?

• Societal upheaval in relevant contexts

• The particular aimlessness of youth

• Confluences, paranormal and otherwise

• Staple-binding and its benefits

 • I got a thing in the mail and it puzzled me

 • The merman in literature

This anthology will be a juggernaut, sized to dramatic proportions and the weight of a tropical animal, like the otters that sabotage submarine missions. Hesitant authors are discouraged. Better contact the editor forthwith. Any questions? Email. Please share this announcement with anyone you believe exists. Please submit a quick description of your experience with Foodie to Sherbert Taylor sherberttaylor@protonmail.com by 20 December 2021. Longer chapters including a lot more words will likely be due in the future. We expect that we really might do this but who knows? Something akin to the ongoing Critical Companion to Political Defectors series, perhaps.