Dante Decolonizer: Poet of Justice

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October 15, 2021
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Catherine Adoyo (George Washington University)
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The Dante sponsored session is designed to engage the poet’s interrogation and exploration of Justice as a fundamental ethical imperative that is rooted in the active free will of knowing and conscientious members of society and transcends contemporary debates about the purview or the limits of Retributive Justice, Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, and Restorative Justice. 

We recognize that any individual reader's lived experience of the major themes in the Commedia —Love, Free Will, society, individual freedom, responsibility, faith, religion, history, art, craft— serves to inform the epistemological constitution through which each reader receives and interprets the poet’s dramatized query since these themes are directly anchored to the fundamental question of Justice in Dante’s Commedia

Proposals may delve into the poet’s interrogation of Justice through the lens of  Charles W. Mills’ challenges to both Jean-Jacques Rousseau's and John Rawles’ paradigms of Distributive Justice. Contributions may also consider Miranda Fricker’s theories on epistemic injustice in conjunction with Charles Mills’ work on epistemologies of ignorance as critical frameworks for Dante’s queries about and representation of Justice. Other critical approaches bridging contemporary debates about Justice and Dante’s work are also welcome.

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Oct 15, 2021