Tinakori: Critical Journal of the Katherine Mansfield Society: Special Edition: Pain

deadline for submissions: 
December 12, 2021
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Katherine Mansfield Society
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This special issue of Tinakori seeks to explore representations of physical and emotional pain in Mansfield’s writings. In her seminal text The Body in Pain, Elaine Scarry suggests that pain defies language to become ‘unrepresentable’, an idea more recently challenged. How does Mansfield represent hurt and pain using the literary conventions of short story form (or verse) as a medium? How is this also communicated in her letters and journals?How do bystanders in Mansfield’s work or life respond to those who suffer in some way? Is pain a source of connection or separation?  In what ways does Mansfield initiate innovative modernist literary strategies to communicate an experience of pain in all its diversity of body and/or emotional experience? This issue seeks submissions that will investigate what Susanna B. Mintz identifies as the ‘shaping role of literature’ whereby ‘writers navigat[e] the experience of pain through the myriad possibilities of form’. We will focus on writing shaped to suit a modern age under pressures of change and examine issues of pain and hurt in Mansfield’s creative and autobiographical writings.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to Mansfield’s depictions of:

  • Physical suffering
  • Emotional pain
  • Private suffering
  • Pain of recollection
  • Pain of jealousy and rivalry
  • Pain of displacement
  • Pain of betrayal
  • Pain of loss
  • Bodily pain: doctors and medicine
  • Illness and impairment
  • Witnessing pain: the bystander
  • Mansfield’s portrayal of victims
  • The spectacle of pain
  • Cathartic pain
  • Autobiographical dimensions for pain and narrative

 *Proposals for essays on Mansfield’s lesser discussed stories are especially welcome*

 Please e-mail abstracts of 500 words to brindlek@edgehill.ac.uk  and dsouzak@edgehill.ac.uk by 12 December 2021

Completed essays of 5,000 -6,000 words (including endnotes) in MHRA format due 31 March 2022.

Tinakori: Critical Journal of the Katherine Mansfield Society is an official online series, recognised by the British Library and with its own ISSN number: ISSN 2514-6106.

All essays submitted will be double peer-reviewed prior to acceptance.