Aura - new issue December 2021

deadline for submissions: 
December 1, 2021
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Aura - Review of humanities
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ISSN 2723-9527


Aura is an open access and non-profit academic journal. From 2020 it proposes, in large part, studies related to the literary field, but with an attention for other arts and for the philosophical debate, which give to the journal a strong interdisciplinary and comparative vocation.
The primary purpose is to promote scientific exchange by bridging fields of humanities and hierarchies of the academic community, largely involving graduates, phd students and professors.
The journal is out every three months, exactly in mid-March, June, September and December. It is published in digital format on
Submissions are accepted in Italian, English and French.
All submissions must be accompanied by:

-an abstract
-a brief scientific biography of the author

Editorial rules:

Add extended bibliographical references in footnotes

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