"Emersonian Economies" & "Emerson and His Media(ted) Afterlives"

deadline for submissions: 
January 15, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Ralph Waldo Emerson Society

ALA call for Proposals


The Ralph Waldo Emerson Society will sponsor two panels at the 33rd Annual Conference of the American Literature Association, to be held May 26–29, 2022, at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago.


“Emersonian Economies” 


The Society welcomes proposals concerning Emerson’s thinking and writing on economic topics, such as work and labor, finance, industrialization, slavery, the “market revolution,” women and the market, to name just a few. Proposals might also want to explore Emerson’s take on antebellum economic and social reform (Fourierism, Brook Farm, Chartism, etc.), and his attitude towards the nineteenth-century literary marketplace. Also welcome are discussions of later appropriations of Emerson as a (neo-)liberal or anti-capitalist figurehead.


“Emerson and His Media(ted) Afterlives”

The Society seeks papers that explore new perspectives on Emerson as a published writer and a public lecturer; on Emerson and the newspaper; on the global print history of Emerson’s writings from the nineteenth century to the present (including scholarly editions as well as formats directed at a mass readership); on Emerson’s digital afterlives on Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere; on Emersonian tourism and memorialization; as well as on Emersonian relics in the archives and beyond. Proposal abstracts should indicate the research methods used (e.g., archival research, interviews, fieldwork, digital humanities methods, Python programming, etc.).

More details about the ALA may be found here:


Send 300-word abstracts by January 15, 2022 to Joseph Urbas (joseph.urbas@gmail.com) and Tim Sommer (tim.sommer@as.uni-heidelberg.de).

Membership in the Ralph Waldo Emerson Society is required of presenters.


Ralph Waldo Emerson Society Graduate Student Paper Award

The award provides $750 of travel support to present a paper on an Emerson Society panel at the American Literature Association Annual Conference (May 2022) or the Thoreau Society Annual Gathering (July 2022). Submit a carefully crafted 1- or 2-page single-spaced conference paper proposal by January 15, 2022. Proposals should address the 2022 CFPs posted at emersonsociety.org.