Call for Papers & Panels: Disaster in the Formation of the Global South

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February 14, 2022
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Global Souths Conference
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Sixth Annual Global Souths Conference

Formerly the Deep South in the Global South Conference

March 17-19, 2022

University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Lafayette, Louisiana


“Doing southern studies is unmasking and refusing the binary thinking--‘North’/‘South,’ nation/South, First World/Third World, self/other--that postcolonial studies has taught us is the most damaging rhetorical structure of empire. Doing southern studies is thinking geographically, thinking historically, thinking relationally, thinking about power, thinking about justice, thinking back.”                                                                   —Scott Romaine & Jennifer Rae Greeson, Introduction to Keywords for Southern Studies

The Global Souths Conference is a three-day, interdisciplinary conference that aims to explore the connections between the U. S. South and the Global South. The South is more than place: It is a point of connection, a nexus of ideas transcending both geographical and ideological boundaries.

This year, to acknowledge the global struggles of the Covid-19 pandemic globally as well as Louisiana’s struggles with extreme weather events affecting our local community, we are setting a focus on disaster in the formation of the Global South. We are approaching this topic broadly, looking at disaster not just as a tangible force of nature, but a social force, an economic force  and a personal force, and how those disasters inform our sense of self, our literature, our fiction and folklore, our communities, geography, and history.

In connection to this theme, we invite all scholars and graduate students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences to submit critical and creative proposals that explore humanity’s interactions with and responses to an increasingly globalized world.

❖      Space, Place, and Globalization

❖      Challenging notions of “Global North/South”

❖      The language of a global identity

❖      Conceptualizations of passing; ethnic hybridity

❖      Interethnic influences and cultural appropriations

❖      Global gender equality and studies; Gender Roles and Disaster

❖      Environmental Sustainability

❖      Social Media

❖      War and Revolution

❖      Urban development and gentrification

❖      Imperialism and subalternity

❖      Grassroots and Environmental Activism

❖      The Impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

❖      Generational Trauma and Disaster and Identity

❖      Race and Relationship to Place and Disaster

❖      Commodification of place; the World Tourism Organization and Poverty

❖      World Health Organization; Global Panic and Epidemics

❖      Labor Politics; NAFTA and the WTO

❖      Pedagogy in Response to Disaster and/or Relief

❖      Rhetoric and Disaster

Special CFP - Pedagogical Roundtable Discussion: The Global Souths Conference committee seeks individuals to participate in a special interdisciplinary roundtable on teaching during the pandemic. What can we all take away from this international disaster experience and apply to our future teaching practices in the Global South? If interested, please apply with your CV and a brief statement on how the pandemic has challenged, invigorated, or changed your pedagogical practices.

The conference organizers welcome and encourage complete panel submissions as well as individual paper abstract submissions. Creative submissions related to the conference theme are also welcome.

The deadline for individual papers and complete panel submissions is February 14th, 2022.

Submit all proposals to Graduate Student Travel Grant applications should be sent to