Call for Papers: FRAME 35.1, "Literary Perspectives on Food"

deadline for submissions: 
November 30, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Frame, Journal of Literary Studies

FRAME 35.1, “Literary Perspectives on Food”

FRAME’s next issue is titled “Literary Perspectives on Food” and accordingly focuses on the intersection between literature and food studies. We would like to invite scholars of literature and related fields to investigate and (re)consider the relation between food and literature, and food as a medium for knowledge production. Among other things, the following questions might guide thinking about the relationship between food and literature:

In what ways does food serve as a medium for national, cultural and familial connections in literary works? How do acts of eating, not eating, or overeating transmit knowledge, for example as sociocultural practices, or as acts of resistance? How do foodstuffs influence perspectives on the body and our perception of sexuality, desire, eating disorders and/or bowel diseases? What is the relation between food and gender representation in literary works? In what ways can food be approached as a cultural object similar to literary works, poems, and other artforms? And what can literature and literary studies contribute to this new and exciting field of food studies? Themes and topics related to these questions might include (but are not limited to):

§ Cultural food representation in relation to race, transnationality and history
§ Literary reflections on the gendered dimension of cooking spaces
§ Food and cooking as sociocultural practice and performance
§ The racialised and gendered dimensions of cookbooks
§ Stories of perspectives on the body in relation to food and eating
§ The narration of food perception: what counts as food and what does not?
§ Formal / poetic analyses of recipes and shopping lists
§ The instrumentalization and functionalization of eating
§ Stories of food migration, syncretism and fusion cooking
§ Textual reflections on food culture appropriation
§ Fasting as religious practice or act of resistance
§ Narrating famine and food shortages
§ Commodification of foodstuffs
§ Literature’s intersection with vegan and vegetarian studies

The above questions and concerns are only a few of the many themes that could be explored in the upcoming issue. However, we would like to stress that while FRAME encourages interdisciplinary and creative approaches, every proposal/article should show a clear connection to literary studies, as we are a literary platform first and foremost.

If you are interested in writing for FRAME, please submit a brief proposal of max. 500 words before 30 November 2021. Proposals should include a thesis statement, general structure and a preliminary reflection on the theories and discourses in which the argument will be situated. On the basis of all abstracts, contributors whose proposals are accepted will be notified and asked to submit a draft version of the paper before 10 January 2022. Be mindful that we hold the right to reject draft versions to ensure consistency and coherence across all contributions to the issue.

The deadline for the article’s first full version will be 28 February 2022, after which the editing process will begin. A regular article has a word limit of 5400 words, including bibliography and footnotes. For our Masterclass section, graduate students and PhD students are invited to write up to a maximum of 3500 words. Please feel free to contact us at, should you have any questions. More information about our journal can be found on our website: