Edited Collection: Global History of Astrology 1900-2021

deadline for submissions: 
July 31, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
William E. Burns/George Washington University

 I am recruiting contributors for a collection of scholarly essays with the working title Starcrossed Century: Astrology in Global Society from World War One to Covid. The book is designed to address the identification of the history of astrology with "premodern" history. The historiography of astrology is very active and intellectually exciting, but it focuses almost entirely on the period before 1800. Yet never have there been more astrological believers and practitioners than today. I want to avoid too heavy a focus on the Anglophone world (although I would love a serious essay on astrology in mid-twentieth century Hollywood). I am particularly interested in essays on the Soviet Union/Russia, Continental Europe, Latin America, India, the Islamic world and East Asia. The collection will not just make the case that astrology is important in 20thcentury history, but also that the twentieth century is an important period in the history of astrology. I hope to publish work exploring how astrology in the West was gendered female, and the impact of information technology and the internet. The impact of solar system astronomy on astrology and the process by which newly discovered celestial objects get assigned astrological meanings is something else I'd like to see addressed. I'm thinking in terms of historical essays, but I would be open to anthropological, cultural studies and media studies work as well. An academic publisher has expressed interest in the collection.