Fairy Tales at virtual PCA conference (April 13-16, 2022). Abstract deadline: December 5, 2021

deadline for submissions: 
December 5, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Popular Culture Association
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The Fairy Tales Area of the Popular Culture Association (PCA) seeks paper presentations and panels for the annual conference, to be held online from April 13-16, 2022. We are looking for projects that think broadly and diversely about fairy tales throughout the world. We particularly seek papers focused on pedagogical uses of fairy tales at all levels and in all fields, discussions of folkloric shifts from oral to literary to visual (filmic, artistic, etc.) versions of tales, and creative pieces that retell or critique fairy tales or use the tales to comment on some aspect of culture or history. In addition, we would like to look at legends and nursery rhymes as well, questioning the relationship between these sub-genres. We are interested in as wide an array of papers as possible, so please do not hesitate to send a submission on any fairy tale, legend or nursery rhyme related subject. We are also interested in in participants for a work shop in integrating fairy tales into both composition and literature.

Please submit your proposal of 250-300 words and a short, academic biography through the PCA conference submission site by December 5, 2021https://pcaaca.org/ Submissions will only be accepted through the PCA website, and individuals must be current, paid members to submit to the conference. Groups proposing panels should email the area chairs in advance of submission to indicate which papers/writers will be included and the panel’s ideal title. Panels must include four presenters/papers of approximately 15 minutes each. Each presenter will submit their paper individually to the database, and the area chairs will combine them into the desired panel.

When we review abstracts we look for cogent, tightly-focused ideas that provide enough detail for us to see where you are headed and abstracts that indicate a paper that can fit within the time constraints of the panel. Panels run 90 minutes with four presenters, so each paper should be written for a length of 15-18 minutes (about 2200-2700 words). 

Please send all inquiries to:

Amanda Caleb
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Amanda Boyd
University of North Dakota