Space and Movement through Literature, Theory, and Culture

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January 14, 2022
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Purdue University
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Purdue University Literary, Interdisciplinary, Theory and Culture Organization Graduate Student Symposium, March 4-5, 2022

Space and Movement through Literature, Theory, and Culture 

Graduate students in the Literature, Theory, and Cultural Studies program at Purdue University invite participation in their second annual symposium, “Space, Place, and Movement in Literature, Theory, and Culture.” Since the spatial turn in the late 20th century, scholarship has privileged space, place, and movement as cultural forces that create and challenge meaning, whether at the level of storyworld, physical text, or the reader’s surrounding context. Space and mobility feature prominently in the act of representation at the core of literary and cultural texts’ construction of some storyworld, realistic or speculative, and transport the reader into that world. Space and mobility also figure within the act of reading, whether in the very physical space a text inhabits or the various and shifting contexts that influence a readers’ reading. This symposium will investigate and encourage discussions of space and movement within literature, theory, and cultural studies in the broadest sense.

We invite paper proposals on space, place, and movement in literary studies, cultural studies, rhetoric and composition, film, creative writing, American studies, comparative literature, pedagogy, and other related fields. General topics might include but are not limited to . . .

  • Book studies, history of the book, and material culture

  • Comparative literature

  • Concepts across time periods and/or disciplines

  • Critical Race Theory

  • Disability Studies

  • Gender and Queer studies

  • Interdisciplinarity

  • Intertextuality

  • Liminality and/or alterity

  • Local, national, and/or global geographies

  • Medievalism and/or Neo-Victorianism

  • Migration Studies, Diaspora Studies, and/or Border Studies

  • Multilingual literatures

  • Narrative form and/or storyworlds

  • New Historicism and/or texts in their original contexts

  • Reception, adaptation, remediation, and/or fandom

  • Translation Studies 

  • Transnational literature and culture

  • Travel narratives 

  • Video Game Studies and Media Studies


This symposium will take place virtually through Zoom on March 4-5, 2022

We accept proposals in the following formats:

  • an individual paper presentation 

  • a pre-constituted panel of 3-4 papers

  • a pre-constituted round table

  • a workshop related to the conference theme

  • a reading of relevant creative work


Please send abstract proposals of up to 250 words in length to The deadline for submissions is January 14, 2022.