Urzeitig journal seeks papers relating D. H. Lawrence to criticism of technology and revivals of pagan religion

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March 11, 2022
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Urzeitig: The Journal of Primeval Studies, a Project of The Rananim Foundation
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Urzeitig: The Journal of Primeval Studies is devoted to the study of ancient ways of living and knowing, primarily related to the teachings of D. H. Lawrence. The journal aims to both criticize modernity, and to reinvigorate the old pagan ways, through the use of Lawrencian philosophy.

Urzeitig: The Journal of Primeval Studies is published bi-annually. Articles, reviews and letters to the editor can be emailed to the editor, Farasha Euker.

The editor invites submissions, including articles, reviews and letters to the editor.

Submissions should be sent to the editor, Farasha Euker at:

Email: editor@urzeitig.org

The deadlines for submissions are March 11th for the Summer Issue and September 11th for the Winter Issue.

We invite submissions that are related to the works of D. H. Lawrence. These works, whether articles, letters, reviews, poetry, or creative fiction should a) be in some way related to either D. H. Lawrence's writings or Lawrencian principles, b) deal with either criticism of modernity and technology, or the revival of ancient modes of knowing and being, such as ancient arts and crafts, Hellenistic polytheism, Etruscan religion, or the work of like-minded thinkers, such as Ludwig Klages.