Call for Book Chapter as an Edited Volume : Decoding Ecocritical Themes in Literature

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February 15, 2022
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Pandian Educational Trust, (An MSME registered Publisher)

TITLE OF THE BOOK: Decoding Ecocritical Themes in Literature

Editor                              : Mr M. Vinoth Kumar

Co-Editors                      : Dr C. Chellappan, Mr B. Thangamarimuthu

Edition                             :  1

Year                                 : 2021

ISBN NUMBER            :  978-93-91115-17-3



Ecology is the main concern of the present condition. All the countries in our world have put an eye on the environmental crisis they have been withstanding and have taken oaths to reduce carbon making by taking a new phase into green principles. From the earlier period to the present times, many philosophers, poets, critics and scholars have insisted humankind to be amicable with nature and warned about the crisis that would pounce upon them when they dismantle nature. There is much evidence in the literature about the admiration of nature and the ecological issues that man has made. This chapter book will be an array of scholarly articles based on eco-critical themes from the literature that could give lucid awareness on the importance of maintaining ecology. Academicians are welcome to contribute scholarly articles that decode the themes based on eco-criticism from the literary sources in English.


Academic Integrity: All received abstracts will be justified for their novelty and originality and be sent for a custom plagiarism check. After the successful phase, a double-blind peer-review process will be done to ensure the fitness of the theme, novelty and genuineness of the research chapter.


Format of the Paper: The format should follow MLA 8 Style.


Submission Schedule:

Abstract Submission: 30.12.2021

Full Chapter Paper: 15.2.2022

Publishing: 15.3.2022


Publication: The book will be published with DOI for every chapter and be hosted on the trust website. E-copy will be submitted to the scholarly databases and the libraries of universities abroad. Long time preservation will be done in various microforms on the Web. The book will come in the online form to save trees and reduce carbon emissions. The processing charges will be intimated after the selection of the abstract.


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