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January 31, 2022
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Himanshi Chandervanshi
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Latin America encompassing South America, parts of Central America, and the Caribbean Islands is remarkable for women’s movements from time to time. While most historical genealogies trace the origin of Latin American feminism around the time period of 1960s and 1970s, a strong feminist expression is evident long before the significant decades of 1960s and 1970s. The earliest feminist expression can be traced as early as during the seventeenth century which emerged as a result of Latin American women’s encounter with the European colonisers. As a result of colonialism, Latin American women became dual victims of oppression: one at the hands of the Europeans, and other, at the hands of their own countrymen. In the social hierarchy, Latin American women were accorded the lowest position, somewhere beneath white men, white women, and Latin American men. This relegation of women to the bottom of social hierarchy led to resistance and many remarkable women are known for offering resistance and putting up a feminist position.Papers on the broader theme of Latin American feminism/Latina feminism are invited, including works in translations, covering, but not limited to the FOLLOWING women writersØ COLonial times to the twentieth centuryØ the twentieth centuryØ Contemporary women writersCONTEMPORARY LATINA WOMEN WRITERS·        Last Date for submission of Abstract (150-250 words) : 31 december 2021·        Last Date for submission of Full Paper (3000-6000 words) : 31 MARCH 2022