Anthology (print & ebook): Coming of Age in Florida

deadline for submissions: 
January 3, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Florida Roots Press

**NEW Extended Deadline due to holidays**

New independent publisher Florida Roots Press issues a Call for Papers for a peer-reviewed anthology dedicated to all things related to coming of age in Florida. The current working title of this collection is Coming of Age in Florida: Words and Images.

Florida Roots Press believes everyone has the power to express themselves as a writer, a poet, and/or an artist. Therefore, everyone is invited to submit essays, mini-memoirs, flash fiction, stories, poems, art, and photography. We do not want to limit ourselves by strictly demarcated genres – your submission can blend genres and create new ones!

Suggested topics for exploration include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any experience “growing up” in Florida, either full-time, part-time, or as a tourist
  • Florida seen through the eyes of a child/young adult/teenager
  • Perspectives of those who grew up in Florida, but moved away as an adult
  • Creative/unusual/fictional representations of childhood/youth
  • Work through ecocritical and environmental lenses
  • Fictional/creative work from the perspective of (or showing an awareness of) Florida animals
  • Florida-related myths, urban legends (and/or remixes of those stories) – stories that kept us up at nights when we were kids
  • Old personal photographs of Florida accompanied by an author’s note (mini-memoir/photo essay)
  • Visual projects that capture memories of Florida, lost Florida, unique people/spaces in the state, and/or the Florida atmosphere
  • Fairy tales and children’s stories remixed with Florida characters, events, spaces, places, etc.
  • Theme park experiences – humor, photo essays, memoir, artist renderings, as a setting for a story, etc. (note copyright laws may affect images of copyrighted material located within theme parks)

All submissions must be original, unpublished work. We have no required boundaries for minimum/maximum length for essays and stories at this time, but we may have to impose limits at a later date. Authors may submit up to 5 poems at one time. Artists and photographers may submit up to 5 images of their work at one time*.

Any citations must follow 9th edition MLA guidelines. All written submissions should be submitted double-spaced in Word document format.

*Images of art and photography should be pasted into a Word file accompanied by a 100-250 word artist statement explaining how the art/photograph relates to the theme of the collection. (If accepted, we will request original, full-sized art/photograph files before publication.) Art and photography will be full color in the Kindle e-book version and black/white in the print version.

Please send proposals, questions, and submissions to

Information to include in your submission email:

  • Attachment of your work
  • Your preferred name
  • Title of work and genre
  • A brief statement regarding how your work fits into the theme of “coming of age” in Florida (4 sentences)
  • Current work/position (academic or otherwise – everyone is welcome to submit)
  • Brief autobiography (150 words)

Deadline: January 3, 2022

Call for Papers issued by author/professor Dr. Jessica Labbe and writer/artist Jason Pfeiffer, owners/editors of Florida Roots Press.