Call for Participants- Association for the Study of Marginalised Cultures of the World

deadline for submissions: 
May 5, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Dr. Shubhanku Kochar, University School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

This goes out in the public domain with the desire to establish an academic association titled
tentatively as “Association for the Study of Marginalised Cultures of the World”.
There are multiple academic associations which are focusing on mainstream and
dominant cultures and literature. We know that there are also associations which are focusing
on one or the other marginalised community and their literature. Our aim is to provide a
single and unique platform to all the possible marginalised literatures and cultures, which are either
neglected or not taken seriously.
We are planning to bring the scholars and academicians on a single stage that will
explore and further research in the area of different marginalised communities and their
For us, every community is marginalised, if it is kept away from the centre. This
marginalization is done maybe because of race, class, caste, gender, ability, skin colour and
sexual orientation. Our concept of marginal is not limited solely to human society; rather we
also want to include our natural environment in this category because of constant and brutal
devastation that it faces from mankind.
We are in the process of establishing a core team of scholars and academicians who
are dedicated and who are willing to envisage such an association. The aim of the association
will be to publish its own journal, to hold international level seminars and conferences and
other academic activities proposed by various office bearers from time to time.

This organization shall be interdisciplinary in nature, therefore scholars and academicians across humanities are welcomed to join this association.

At present we are only three members who are willing to contribute voluntarily for the
building of such an association, we are hoping that we will be joined by more enthusiast
Once the core team is planned, we will figure out various nitty-gritty details like
registration, membership process, journal publication so on and so forth.
Interested scholars and academicians may send their expression of interest in the form
of 200 words with an author bio along with a paragraph declaring their desire to work for the
association and why would they want to associate with this association.
Your bio must contain your name, affiliation, designation, current workplace, past
work experience, area of specialisation and major publications.

Please send in the details by 5th May 2022 to

About us:

Dr. Shubhanku Kochar teaches English literature in University School of Humanities and
Social Sciences, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi. His area of
specialization includes African literature, African Diasporic literature and Ecological
Criticism. His recent publication includes Environmental Postcolonialism: A Literary
Response (2021) by Lexington Press, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield, which can be
accessed here:

Dr. M. Anjum Khan teaches English Literature at Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science
and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Her area of specialization
includes Cultural Studies, Immigrant Studies and Disability Studies. Her recent publication was jointly done with Dr. Shubhanku Kochar, which can be accessed here:


Dr. Neepa Sarkar teaches in the Department of English, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
and is the Coordinator of MA English. She has a PhD in English Literature and her thesis was
on Literature and Collective Memory. Her area of specialization is on Memory Studies,
Critical Theory and Cultural Studies and Film Theory.