Medieval Care

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February 15, 2022
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Medieval Studies Institute at Indiana University–Bloomington

33rd Annual Indiana University Medieval Studies Symposium: “Medieval Care” 

Virtual Symposium: March 25-26, 2022

The Latin word curiositas is etymologically linked to the word cura, or ‘care.’ In the Middle Ages, wide-ranging debates on good or bad forms of curiosity continually registered the ethical value of care and responsibility. Beyond philosophical debates, artistic representations and treatises on politics, science, medicine, and religion showed a range of responses to important questions: What should we direct our care and attention toward? What kind of care do we owe to others? Upon whom does the burden of care work typically fall? How did such knowledge translate to community care practices, in advocating for and building solidarity with those who are the most vulnerable? 

This symposium considers premodern care, conceived broadly, across different discourses. Papers can explore individual acts of care, systems of care, as well as the absence or lack of care. How might applying modern theories such as feminist care ethics, critical race theory, or ecocriticsm help expand our understanding of medieval care? What perspectives can we gain on the relationship of the self to the community, and how can these perspectives sharpen our own notions and practices of care in the present?

Keynote lectures by Prof. Sara Ritchey (University of Tennessee–Knoxville) and Prof. Shannon Gayk (Indiana University–Bloomington).

Submit paper, panel, and roundtable proposals of no more than 300 words to by 2/15/2022.