Querying Eco-Aesthetics

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February 28, 2022
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American Academy of Religion, Comparative Studies of Religion
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Eco-Aesthetics: What is it? How to query it and think it through? This panel takes up such a line of inquiry within at least three broad domains: epistemology, method/practice and comparison. Especially for those who invested in ongoing concerns pertaining to ecology, environmentalism, wildlife preservation, sustainability, this panel seeks to amplify their voices in stock-taking the term Eco-Aesthetics. How do we conceptualize it epistemologically? How can Eco-Aesthetics be informed by and inform a multitude of trans-disciplinary discourses such as those coming out of art, anthropology, ethics, religious studies, natural sciences, architecture, spirituality and ritual studies? Also, how may Eco-Aesthetics express varied modalities and methods of individual and communal production such as memoir-writing, rituals of music and performance, environmental activism, scriptural hermeneutics, poetry and contemplative practice? How does Eco-Aesthetics both inform and be informed by eco-criticism and eco-feminism, and eco-justice concerns? How may a Buddhist experience and create an Eco-Aesthetics differently from a Muslim or Catholic? How to assess and compare a Yoruban Eco-Aesthetics with that of Confucian one? Importantly, the panel invites papers querying Eco-Aesthetics comparatively, in terms of the world’s diverse religio-cultural communities and worldviews.  Forward a 250 word abstract and a current c.v. Due Date: Feb. 15, 2022 for Proposals for this AAR Comparative Religions Unit Panel,  AAR National Conference November 18-22 (dates to be confirmed) 2022 , Denver, Colorado, https://www.aarweb.org/
Please feel free to communicate with panel organizers
Ruqayya Yasmine Khan (Ruqayya.khan@cgu.edu ) and Roberta Sabbath (Roberta.sabbath@unlv.edu)