Meridian Literary Journal

deadline for submissions: 
June 5, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Multimeans Media International, Research Unit

Meridian Literary Journal is currently accepting new submissions. The journal publishes poems, short stories and scholarly articles.

Meridian Literary Journal aims to be a truly literary platform fulfilling the primary aim of Literature to entertain through the publication of original poetry and short fictions.  It seeks also to support scholars share their research with the global academic community by publishing research and review articles on any area of Literary Studies. 

The journal welcomes all kinds of poems, short stories and research articles on any topic especially, works that challenge the imagination, thrill, comfort, elicit real emotional connection and stimulate. We are interested in short fictions that offer an insight into the human condition. Submission is currently open.

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Special Information

An academic with a minimum qualification of a PhD is invited to join the editorial board as editor-in-chief and help to manage the journal. If you are interested please write to the publisher to indicate your interest via;