Deadline Extended: Two Vonnegut Panels at ALA 2022 in Chicago

deadline for submissions: 
January 28, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Kurt Vonnegut Society

American Literature Association Annual Conference

May 26-29, 2022

Chicago, IL

The Kurt Vonnegut Society will sponsor two panels at the upcoming ALA Conference:

Vonnegut on Film
Robert Weide’s documentary Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time was released in theaters
on November 19, 2021, following a Kickstarter campaign and much anticipation from
Vonnegut fans and scholars alike. Weide’s work is the first full-length documentary film
addressing the author’s life and works. This session invites responses to the
documentary and to “Vonnegut on Film” more broadly.

Papers could respond to the documentary itself: How does the Weide documentary
aligns with or challenges other biographical depictions of the writer, including those
presented in books by Charles Shields, Gregory Sumner, Ginger Strand, or others?
How does Weide’s Vonnegut fit with popular perceptions of Vonnegut, as expressed
through social media, memes, popular magazines, television mentions or appearances,
tributes, etc.?

Papers might also address or larger issues concerning Vonnegut and film: adaptations
of Vonnegut’s work (Slaughterhouse Five, Breakfast of Champions, Happy Birthday
Wanda June, Mother Night, 2031, Harrison Bergeron, Slapstick of Another Kind),
discussions of Vonnegut’s presence in film and other video recordings (Back to School,
The Shape of Stories lecture, commencement speeches, and televised interviews), or
analyses of Vonnegut’s own use of film as a device (the backwards film in
Slaughterhouse-Five, for instance, or the blue movies in Kilgore Trout novels).

Open Topic

We also invite proposals on any other aspect of Vonnegut’s life or work.

Please send 250-word abstracts and a brief CV to the Kurt Vonnegut Society at by January 28.