(Un)common Horrors

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May 1, 2022
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[sic] - a journal of literature, culture and literary translation

[sic] – a journal of literature, culture and literary translation
University of Zadar
Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV. br 2
23000 Zadar


Call for Papers
(Un)common Horrors


 A theoretical and practical introduction to the topic of horror genre, and its popularity and persistence as an art form, can tentatively be summarized through Stephen King’s famous statement about horror movies, where he argues that if regular movies are the dreams of the mass culture then horror movies are its nightmares. An analytical unravelling of this premise immediately surpasses the addressed media and contexts, while simultaneously fragmenting into a multitude of discourses, ranging between the scientifically based reading of a particular storyline, the evaluation of the social and cultural implications that these plots bring with them, the narrative improvements, regardless of the media/platforms articulating the genre, as well as many other critical approaches that the phenomenon allows for. It is within this extremely wide range of possibilities that the Journal seeks to position itself. Instead of a customary specialized approach to the genre, where a particularity or a phenomenon is being addressed through a myriad of different approaches, our Call for Papers wants to target the unexplored and uncustomary readings of new or already analyzed topics within the genre. We are particularly interested in papers that challenge traditional readings of thoroughly explored topics (e.g. Final Girl, zombies, haunted houses, serial killers, etc.), that argue the use on non-traditional and controversial (inter- and trans-disciplinary) theoretical approaches, or those directed towards the development of entirely new theoretical arguments relating to the genre. Possible research topics might include the following:

-        Questions of monstrosity

-        Politicizing the genre

-        Nostalgia vs PC Culture

-        Mainstreaming the genre

-        Western vs Asian horror

-        Horror and religion

-        Horror gaming

-        Horror and education

-        Etc.


[sic] – a journal of literature, culture and literary translation therefore invites submissions for the upcoming 25h issue. We accept:

  • original research papers: 5,000 to 7,000 words
  • reviews: up to 2,000 words
  • translations of literary texts: 5,000 to 7,000 words


Submission of research papers, reviews, translations of literary texts implies that the work described has not been published previously and that its publication is approved by all authors. By submitting a manuscript to [sic], the authors acknowledge that the manuscript is original and entirely the result of the work of the author or authors. The ownership and rights of works submitted and published in [sic] shall reside with the author(s). However, [sic] reserves the primary right of publication.


Submission Process

All manuscripts (research papers, reviews, and translations of literary texts) should be submitted by email attachment to sic.journal.contact@gmail.com. [sic] accepts submissions in English or Croatian. Manuscripts must be computer typed and saved in .doc or .docx formats (Times New Roman, letter size 12 points, double spaced, fully paginated). Please attach to every submission a covering letter confirming that all authors have agreed to the submission and that the manuscript is not currently being considered for publication by any other journal.


Research Articles

All submitted research papers should contain:


  • title page with full title and subtitle (if any)

For the purposes of blind refereeing, full name of each author with current affiliation and full contact details plus short biographical note (up to 150 words) should be supplied in a separate file. Please ensure that you have anonymized the script throughout, deleting self-references until after the review process is complete.

  • abstract of 100-150 words
  • up to 10 key words
  • main text and word count – submissions must not exceed a total of 7,000 words, including abstract, main text, notes, all references and author’s short biographical note

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders for reproducing any illustrations, tables, figures or lengthy quotations previously published elsewhere (all quotations, titles, names, and dates should be double-checked for accuracy).



All submitted reviews should include the following:


  • title page with full title of the review and additional information on the work reviewed (title, author, publisher, place and date of publication, number of pages)
  • main text and word count – submissions (main text of the review and author's biography) must not exceed a total of 2,000 words


Translations of Literary Texts

All translations should include the following:


  • title page with full title and subtitle (if any) and the author’s and translator’s name
  • main text and word count – submissions (main text or the translation, original author’s and translator’s biographies) must not exceed a total of 7,000 words

Authors of translations are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders allowing the publication of the original author’s work in their translation in [sic].


Citing and Formatting

Authors are responsible for ensuring that manuscripts are accurately typed before final submission. Manuscripts may be returned to the author if they do not follow the basic guidelines of the house style. The house style for [sic] is based on MLA (Modern Language Association, 2016 Edition) Style (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/) Authors will receive proofs of their manuscripts and be asked to send corrections to the editors within 3 weeks. Submissions are subject to editing and styling that complies with the journal's standards. Submitted manuscripts are not returned to authors. The journal does not pay contributors.


Any correspondence, queries or additional requests for information on the Submission Process should be sent to the journal’s editors at: sic.journal.contact@gmail.com.



Submission deadline: May 1st, 2022

Anticipated publication date: June 15th, 2022