Visual Storytelling: From the Mural to the Digital

deadline for submissions: 
April 15, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
David Callahan / University of Aveiro, PORTUGAL
contact email: 

See for the Conference website, the Conference rationale, and more information in general.

Papers are invited on specific aspects of the following topics, in rough chronological order:

1.   Stage and live performance narratives
2.   Visual storytelling in traditional arts and crafts
3.   Storytelling in the plastic arts 4. Narrating the landscape: from recording travel to the age of Instagram
5.   Museums, physical and virtual
6.   Photographic narrative forms
7.   Cinema – from the silent days to modern digital and CGI forms
8.   Graphic Novels
9.   Comic Books and comic strips
10. Cartoons
11. Children’s books
12. Television – entertainment, news media and the use of the image
13. Music videos – narrating the song
14. Storytelling in advertising and marketing
15. The campaign video
16. Visual Narratives on/of the city: graffiti and street art
17. Video Games 
18. YouTube and online filmmaking
19. Graphic fan fiction
20. The business of visual storytelling

We welcome submissions in English, by the 31st March 2022, to be sent to Professors David Callahan ( and Clara Sarmento ( with the following information:

• Title;
• Author(s), institutional affiliation, contact email(s);
• Conference topic (see list above);
• Extended Abstract (200 words);
• Bionote (100 words).