20th-century War-writings and Film: An Anthology of Critical Approaches

deadline for submissions: 
July 31, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Prof. Pinaki Roy, Department of English, Raiganj University, India
contact email: 


Editor: Pinaki Roy

The proposed anthology of critical writings on 20th-century war-literature and war-movies is likely to be published from an old and reputed university-press located in northern U.K.

The last date for submissions is 31 July 2023.

Prospective writers are being requested to submit critical approaches to the literatures and films of/on/related to the First World War, the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War,  the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Bosnian War in not less than 6,000 words. The citations are to be based on the M.L.A.-6th-edition-standards. The essays, prefixed with abstracts, are to be mailed as Microsoft Word-files to the editor at monkaaroy@gmail.com as soon as they are completed. Prior to that, independent abstracts of the proposals could be sent. This is a very old project, and is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

The (prospective) contributors can also submit, as sub-themes, essays on the fictional writings, memoirs, and films related to the Holocaust, the Indian Partition, the India-Pakistan wars, genocides of tribes and sub-tribal people, the German Participation and Unification, and the conflicts of the period of the Cold War. But they need to be related to the 20th-century confrontations. Writings on the Gulf War and war in the Middle East and northern parts of South Asia could be sent too.

Please use detailed textual quotations. Postcolonial perspectives in war writings are being also invited. Views from the opposing sides are welcome: for example, someone writing on Second World War-literature would best contribute by referring to both the Allies' and Axis'-sides writings. The writings need to be of both the overview-types and on individual/certain groups of works. Elaborate citing of textual quotations are being requested. The genres which require contribution are novels, poetry, and drama - for example, an essay on Second World War-English plays, or an essay on First World War German poetry. 

For details, if any, one could contact the editor, Pinaki Roy, Professor of English, and Dean of Students' Welfare, Raiganj University (Collegepara, Post Office: Raiganj - 733 134, District: Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal, India) at monkaaroy@gmail.com