DEADLINE EXTENDED - 03/18 - EDITED COLLECTION: The Palgrave Handbook to the Ghost Story

deadline for submissions: 
March 18, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Joan Passey, Jen Baker, Henry Bartholomew

The Palgrave Handbook to the Ghost Story 

This handbook seeks to open new conversations about the ghost-story form. It is open to all media, genre, and disciplines - fiction, nonfiction, theatre, cinema, video games, podcasts, graphic novels, musicals, and so forth - as well as spaces and time periods (antiquity to the present).

 Chapters will provide a new angle, intervention, or perspective on various aspects of the ghost-story tradition. These can be thematic, author-based, chronologically centred, or narrative-based.

 We anticipate chapters to be c. 4000 words. We hope to organise chapters under the following potential sections, though anticipate overlap. We have provided some suggestions for topics, but these are not prescriptive nor exhaustive – we welcome your ideas.


Section 1: Folklore and Legends

  • Including creepypasta, urban legends, global folktales, antiquarians, mythologies, folkhorror.


Section 2: Haunted Environments


  • Cities, coasts, moors, gardens, the non-human, animals, insects, seascapes, colonial space.


Section 3: Ghostly Bodies and Objects


  • Paintings, ruins, jewellery, dolls, bodies, psychometry, illness, malady, diagnosis, pathology, injury, corporeal ghosts, seances.


Section 4: Ghostly Experiences


  • Psychical investigation, haunted houses, haunted funfairs, children as audience, audience in theatre, video gamers playing ghostly games.


Section 5: Anxious Inheritance and Legacy


  • Influence, legacy, adaptation, inheritance, bloodlines, family inheritance (ie, Dacre Stoker, Joe Hill), steampunk, rewriting medieval ghosts, ghosts of antiquity, the canon.


Section 6: Spectral Theories and Epistemologies  


  • Theories within and without the text, religions, theologies, queer, Marxist, gender, science and technology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, psychology, hysteria, paranoia, madness, ecocritism, methodologies and frameworks.


Section 7: Paranormal Paraphernalia


  • Archives, letters/interviews, found footage, paratext, prefaces, epigrams and epigraphs, magazines, pamphlets, posters, illustrations.


Abstracts should be 150-300 words, 3-5 keywords, and be accompanied by a biographical note of 100 word (max) [this can include a link to a research profile]. These should be sent to

Jen Baker, Joan Passey at and Henry Bartholomew by 18th March 2022. We welcome questions and inquiries. Please send either in the body of the email or as one PDF or .doc attachment.