Call for Book Reviews

deadline for submissions: 
February 28, 2025
full name / name of organization: 
MFS: Modern Fiction Studies
contact email: 

MFS is currently looking for potential book reviewers. Below is a list of some of our current books received. If you are interested in writing a review for us, please send an email containing the title of the book you would like to review and a short CV to We will consider requests from doctoral students who are ABD. Also, please explain any personal or professional relationship you have with the author of the book. 

Current List of Books Received

Lindsay Thomas, Training for Catastrophe: Fictions of National Security after 9/11 (Minnesota 2021)

Al Filreis, 1960: When Art and Literature Confronted the Memory of World War II and Remade the Modern (Columbia 2021)

Kevin Quashie, Black Aliveness, or a Poetics of Being (Duke 2021)

Paul Ardoin, Not a Big Deal: Narrating to Unsettle (Nebraska 2021)

Elizabeth McHenry, To Make Negro Literature: Writing, Literary Practice, and African American Authorship (Duke 2021)

Christopher Freeburg, Counterlife: Slavery After Resistance and Social Death (Duke 2021)

Timothy Weintzen, Automatic: Literary Modernism and the Politics of Reflex (John Hopkins 2021)

Patrick O'Donnell, Knowing It When You See It: Henry James/Cinema (SUNY 2021)

Frances S. Hasso, Buried in the Red Dirt: Race, Reproduction, and Death in Modern Palestine (Cambridge UP 2022)

Thomas Heise, The Gentrification Plot: New York and the Postindutrial Crime Novel (Columbia UP 2022)

Leah A. Milne, Novel Subjects: Authorship as Radical Self-Care in Multiethnic American Narratives (U of Iowa P 2021)

Ina C. Seethaler, Lives Beyond Borders: US Immigrant Women's Life Writing, Nationality, and Social Justice (SUNY P 2021)

Kevin R. McNamara, editor, The City in American Literature and Culture (Cambridge UP 2021)