Edited Collection: Debating Advertising: Ethics, Effectiveness, & Creativity

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April 5, 2022
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Boston University
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Call for Book Chapters for the Edited Collection: Debating Advertising: Ethics, Effectiveness, & Creativity

This book seeks to showcase current academic debates on advertising and present multiple perspectives from many disciplines. The contributions in this book will help create a comprehensive overview of the current state of advertising—across all mediums—while highlighting conversations concerning the ethics of advertising, the most effective ways to measure advertising’s impact, and the importance of professional creativity. Proposed chapters might address whether or not advertising is purely manipulative, whether it encourages over consumption, whether it creates monopolies, or whether it serves primarily to make the rich even richer. Chapters might also argue that advertising encourages and rewards creativity, enriches people’s connections to their possessions and experiences, fills needs rather than creating them, provides society with good models for emulation, or offers genuinely aesthetic experiences. These are just some possibilities—we are seeking a range of opinions, approaches, and perspectives.

The book proposal will be submitted to the  Palgrave Macmillan series “Palgrave Debates in Business and Management,” (series editor Anders Örtenblad) which looks for edited collections “taking stock of controversial and complicated topics within business and management” in refreshing and creative ways.

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Each chapter should be between 3000-5000 words, although shorter pieces will be considered.

Please submit a 250-500 word chapter proposal, short bio, and a CV to  vberg@bu.edu by 4 April, 2022

Editor: Kathleen M. Vandenberg | Boston University Contact information: vberg@bu.edu