MLA 2023 Special Session: The Aesthetic Sphere of the Pandemic

deadline for submissions: 
March 15, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Camelia Raghinaru/ Concordia U. Irvine

    This MLA 2023 panel invites papers that explore artistic responses to the pandemic, both in its global and localized dimensions, with a focus on experimental art. Send 200-word abstracts and bio to Camelia Raghinaru, Concordia U. Irvine ( by Tuesday, 15 March 2022. The starting point for this call for papers is the Cinema-19 project (, which offers an aesthetic/experimental response to the pandemic. I am proposing a panel that looks at experimental film and other artistic responses to the pandemic (story-telling, public art, poetry and narrative, music, dance, media and photography, individual art-making, etc.) and the way they explore "the internal sphere of the pandemic" ( to quote a Cinema-19 contributor). I invite abstracts on artistic projects that reflect on the individual and collective transformation during the pandemic, on the subjective passing of time, on a kind of nostalgia that accompanies the retrospective processing of the recent crisis of the pandemic, and also--to keep in line with the theme of the conference-- the way it has transformed our relationship with work.