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deadline for submissions: 
February 15, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
The University Journal

The University Journal is a new, independent publication platform designed around eclectic exploration and growth. We are seeking to create a community of readers, authors, and artists who, by interacting with a diverse collection of work, may be inspired to produce and share excellent work of their own. We accept submissions of all forms (opinion, art, primary research, photography, poetry, music, etc.). One facet that sets our platform apart is the ability to submit constructive rebuttals and critiques of others’ work. These rebuttals/critiques go through the same editorial review process as any submission to ensure that they meet our guidelines. In addition, we feature a comment section on all categories of work, except for opinion. We do this not because we are afraid of controversy and rigorous debate, but to encourage such debate in a constructive manner.

Our goal is to cultivate a community of engaged thinkers who drive the conversations that happen on our site. We simply hope to provide a platform for this type of engagement to occur! If you know anyone interested (students, faculty, writers, etc.) please invite them to check out our website! We look forward to reviewing all of your great submissions!  The University Journal will begin its first round of publishing on February 15th!

Who can submit: Anyone
What can you submit: Anything
How does it get reviewed: By a nationwide team of handpicked editors
How can I get more information: ; @theunivjournal on instagram

We're looking for submissions of work by anyone and of any form; contributions that will engage and enrich a community of like minded thinkers! Go to and join our growing community today!