Gatebreak: Sharing=Caring

deadline for submissions: 
April 1, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Stony Brook University Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Graduate Conference


Girlboss, gaslight, gatekeep;

much of the energy of academia seems to match that of the ironic millennial slogan. In order to inhabit the spaces of institutional access that we are writing from, we have to work through various mazes and myriad obstacles put forth and upheld by our elders and peers. Through various critiques, pushbacks, and callouts from communities which have traditionally been excluded, such as but certainly not limited to Black, Brown, POC, disabled, indigenous, queer, and incarcerated people, we have seen the ways in which the exclusivity of institutionality is by design, inherited from its capitalist and imperialist lineage. This conference reimagines the conference to think differently about how we share work, and how we use our collective spaces for things like skill-sharing, mutual aid, and community building.

Institutions teach and enforce the notion that competition, scarcity, and “rigor” are simply a part of this world. But, that energy is hella 2021 and the look, the move, the mood this year is gatebreak. See the gate, acknowledge the gate, break the gate, then help your friends get through.

In the interest of fostering a truly interdisciplinary space, we are seeking a combination of  paper presentations, autoethnographies, personal essays, creative writing, performances, film submissions, and whatever else you can think of relating to this year‘s theme: “Gatebreak”.


Some questions to get things flowing:


  • What methods, modes of thinking or moving have made your life easier while navigating the quagmire of access that is institutions of higher ed?


  • How might your presentation itself gatebreak the ways that normative presentations are supposed to function?


  • How has non-traditional scholarship, peer to peer connections and community knowledge impacted your experience of “work”?


  • How has non-traditional scholarship or ways of knowing (for you, or in general) helped to dismantle the ways in which information is deemed worthy of scholarship and deep learning?


  • Does making visible the mechanisms of elitism shift it's effective power?

The conference committee at WGSS Stony Brook looks forward to receiving your abstract of ~200-250 words by April 1st 2021 at 11:59 pm EST!