Interdisciplinary Sidneys

deadline for submissions: 
March 31, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
International Sidney Society
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27-30 October 2022

Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. (Hyatt Regency Hotel)


This panel, sponsored by the International Sidney Society, welcomes papers on how the Sidneys engaged with the world via various disciplines—such as literature, philosophy, religion, politics, and history—as well as on how today’s disciplinary conventions can shed light on the lives and works of the Sidneys and their associates.  For instance, how do antiquarian documentary history and exemplary historiography coincide or compete in charting the lives and works of Sidney family members and their associates?  How do the disciplines of art history, art, music history, and music inform our understandings of these patrons and producers of art and lyric poetry?  What might the discipline of architecture, ethnographies of space, or analysis of material culture tell us about their world and experience?  What happens if we look at the Sidneys and their circle through the lenses of traditional or behavioral economics?  How could the disciplines of mathematics and science help illuminate the lives and works within the Sidney circle?  Etcetera.


The International Sidney Society encourages submissions by scholars of all academic ranks within and beyond institutional academies:  current and former members as well as newcomers, including professors and instructors, graduate students, and independent scholars.  Please submit abstracts of 150-300 words as e-mail attachments.  On the abstract, please include your name, affiliation or status as independent scholar, and e-mail address.  Within the e-mail, indicate whether you need equipment and what kind (e.g., projector for PowerPoint).  Reading time for completed papers should not exceed 20 minutes.  The deadline for abstracts is March 31st, but submissions will be considered on a rolling basis, such that the panels may be filled before then.   Please direct abstracts and questions to Timothy Crowley,  For conference information, see