WAR AND WRITING: Old Countries and New States: the Borders of War

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March 31, 2022
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UNISA (University of South Africa) English Department
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is pleased to announce its third departmental




Call for Papers



Old Countries and New States: the Borders of War


War does not and has never respected political or territorial boundaries and has impact both then and now.


This seminar series encourages papers from across the globe on topics from all disciplines including (but not limited to):


The literature and poetry that results from the creation of new identities in newly created ‘states’ to name but a few.

Studies of conflict in history, art and media

War across geographical borders and their consequences,

Territorial disputes and take-overs,

Inter-state and civil war across the ages,

Terrorism – creations of the warring Other,

Looting and theft – spoils of war and repatriations

Displacement of peoples – Refugees, new identities and appropriations,

Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide, Massacres and Annihilation

Changes in geo political space – new identities, emergence of states and the creation of new political and ethnic identities

Covert war – Hot wars, Cold wars and ‘wars that may not exist’

New textual wars - Fake media news and the role of media, communications, and artificial intelligence

Revisionist History



The series will commence on Thursday 12 May 2022 with the introductory lecture.

All lectures will then be held on-line on Thursdays afternoons (SA Time) between May and July. The guest speaker will present their topic for approximately 40 minutes allowing time for audience participation and questions at the end.


Titles and Abstracts:  Please send your title and a short abstract (100 words or less) to Dr J Pridmore (pridmjt@unisa.ac.za) by 31 March 2022 .


Contributors will be invited to participate in a themed journal issue later in the year.

Enquiries: MC Steyn - steynmc@unisa.ac.za