DEADLINE EXTENDED-Queen’s Graduate Conference in Literature--Escape: Moving Away, Moving Towards, Moving Within

deadline for submissions: 
March 11, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Queen's University Graduate English Society


Queen’s Graduate Conference in Literature

27 May 2022

Call for Papers | Escape: Moving Away, Moving Towards, Moving Within


 The Graduate English Society at Queen’s University seeks abstracts for its virtual 2022 graduate conference, “Escape: Moving Away, Moving Towards, Moving Within.” Because the thematic concern of our conference is “escape,” we are looking for academic papers, as well as creative pieces, that engage with this broad concept in various and imaginative ways.

We ask potential contributors to consider how notions of escape figure into their academic or creative work, our world today, and the study of English literature. When is escape reactionary, and when is escape revolutionary? Is it even possible to fully escape, and what does it mean to exist in the inescapable? Are we always connected to the traditions and ideas we have left behind? Alternatively, do orthodox institutions and ideologies lay claim to works attempting to escape their grasp? What are texts of all types encouraging us to escape from—or towards? 

Submissions can include creative works that incorporate escape or inescapability as subject matter. Submitted works could consider creative objects as tools of escape, could contemplate writing, imagination, and reading as forms of escape, or could conceive of the exiles or paradises to which one escapes. These creative works can come in any form: short stories, poetry, fragments, etc.

 Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

  • Environmental fiction/non-fiction, climate change, ecology, relationships to geography and environment
  • Visual mediums (film, photography, art, etc.) and their representations of escape  
  • Escaping disciplinary boundaries  
  • Escape as it functions in COVID-19 literature/media 
  • Escape and Critical Race studies
  • Diasporic fiction and narratives of movement
  • Escape in LGTBQ2S+ texts 
  • Literary theory and escape 
  • Escape in prison/abolition literatures 
  • Trauma and its relationship–or lack thereof–to escape
  • Escape and disability studies; the body’s influence on escape 
  • Escape and Indigenous literatures
  • Preserving, gaining, or losing selfhood through escape 
  • Genre and escape: speculative fiction, science fiction, Afrofuturism
  • Non-fictive representations of escape: memoir and biography 

Academic presentations will be 15 to 20 minutes long. Abstracts between 200-300 words can be submitted via the Google Form linked below. We ask that creative submissions span no more than 6,000 words total. Applicants must upload a complete copy of their submission in .PDF format, including a title, to the Google Form. Accepted entrants will participate in a virtual creative writing night to read their works, or excerpts from their works, along with other authors and conference participants.

The Queen’s Graduate Conference in Literature will be held virtually on Friday, May 27th , 2022. All applicants will be asked to submit a brief biography including their institutional affiliation (75-100 words). To apply, please complete the Google Form at the following address:

Abstracts and creative submissions will be accepted until Friday, March 11th, 2022. If you have any questions about the conference, please write to