CFP for Political Engagement of Asian American Artists

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March 15, 2022
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CALL FOR PAPERS [Anthology Project] Political Engagement of Asian/Pacific/American Artists in the Post Pandemic Era
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CALL FOR PAPERS [Anthology Project]

Political Engagement of Asian/Pacific/American Artists in the Post Pandemic Era


Editor: Kyunghee Pyun, Associate Professor of Art History, Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York [other forthcoming books: Feminist Artivism (Palgrave Macmillan) and American Art in Asia (Routledge)]


This book focuses on political engagement of Asian Pacific American artists in the post pandemic era. Papers discusses the past, the present, and the future of civic engagements by APA artists in the United States. Art historians, art critics, artists, and art educators take turns to talk about activism by APA artists from the early twentieth century to the civil rights movement era to the Asian hate crisis during the COVID 19 pandemic. As one can imagine, there is a long tradition of persecuting new comers and immigrants in general society, which put an impact on the art world. It is important to address the past in order to envision a better future. Some contemporary artists and art professionals will share their strategies or advices for APA artists regarding transformative dynamics and trajectory of art projects involving civic engagement and activism. Art historians and art critics will discuss how artists and art educators should respond to these currents and future waves. In growing nationalism in some countries in Asia, how to define Asian art or Asian contemporary art in a transnational context is also a thorny issue. Both historians and contemporary artists will brood on this issue in the post-pandemic geopolitics in the pacific and in the Global South. 


Cultural Studies, Visual Culture, and Activism

History and Values; Stigmatization and Discrimination; Arts, Creativity and Imagination; Nationalism, imperialism, colonialism; identity, sexuality, LGBTQ+ rights; Spirituality and religion


Send a 250-word abstract and a 150-word bio by March 15th, 2022 to


Essays should be 5000-7,500 words in length, MLA format and must be submitted by June 1, 2022 for consideration. Images: Approximately 2 per essay.

  • Text deadline: June 1, 2022

  • Image permissions: August 1, 2022

  • Publication date: March 2023

  • The references in the final paper submission should be parenthetical in the style of MLA 7. Place of publication and “University Press” should be spelled out in the works cited pages.