2022 CFP EXTENDED DEADLINE! Call for Chapters on Beyond the Occident: Perspectives on Past, Present and Speculative Future in Fiction, Art, Media, and Film

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April 1, 2022
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Beyond the Occident: Perspectives on Past, Present and Speculative Future in Fiction, Art, Media, and Film
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Call for Chapters


Dear colleagues,

We have extended our call for papers deadline through April 1, 2022. We look forward to your proposals on Beyond the Occident in Fiction, Art, Media, and Film.


Beyond the Occident: Perspectives on Past, Present and Speculative Future in Fiction, Art, Media, and Film


To be edited by Sümeyra Buran and Jiré Emine Gözen.


Knowledge and culture are medially conditioned, crystalised, and perpetuated by narratives in science, art, and literature. Orientalism represents one of these narratives and has constructed the perceptions in which the distinction between the Occident and the Orient culminates. Orientalism has thus created the "other": identities, politics, culture, media, art, literature, and the perceptions that the Occident destabilized. Orientalism has also taken a different shape after Edward Said's Orientalism (1979) 40 years ago, and current perspectives increasingly ask for counter-models. However, these counter-models cannot demand the simple abandonment of universalisms, nor can the discourse on these counter-models be a soliloquy of the Western or the non-Western. 


In this volume, we take the mediated conditionality of culture and knowledge seriously and examine narratives and discourses rooted in global genre fiction, art, media, and film. While in recent years, an increasing number of novels take a speculative look at the past, present, and future from a perspective of the global south, academia has largely ignored any discussion of these "othered" perspectives. The same blindspots appear in criticism and theory of the arts, where speculative views and extrapolations of the past, present, and future played a role for many years. But so far, most approaches which look at speculative art, fiction, and media from the global south are rooted in Western perspectives and thus perpetuate orientalist and colonialist modes of representation.


We seek to unravel how the past, present, and futures are imagined in cultures of the global south, fiction, art, film, and media. In which perception and worldview are they rooted? This anthology will present alternative voices through scholarly and artistic discourses that go beyond hegemonic traditions of thought. The book will develop new conceptual framing via these alternative perspectives to express the cross-cultural influences that create hybrid and bridge cultures. We want to offer a perspective that de/reconstructs the canonical notions of white supremacy, the Occident, and which produces both terms of resistance and new dimensions of hope beyond the dichotomy of the orient/occident or self/other. We also deal with breaking points, intersections, and cross-currents between the various literary, artistic, cinematic, and mediated cultures. By exposing the interconnections and mutual influences as well as the divisions caused by provincialization and localization, we want to contribute to changing the topographies of thought through the lens of global fictioning.


We are seeking contributions from Eurasian, South/East/South-East Asian, Arab, African, Indigenous, Latinx, Chinese, Japanese, Global South, Middle Eastern, Near Eastern, Non-Western perspective—contributors who would like to explore past, present, and future in fiction, media, art and film from a perspective of the global south and thus beyond the binary of Occidental and Oriental studies. 


List of possible topics/fields (but not limited to):



Visual Studies

Media/Visual Media


Graphic Novels, Comics

Speculative Fiction

beyond Eurocentric or UScentric

Beyond Occidental Gender Binaries

Beyond Occidental Race

Beyond Occidental Art

Beyond Occidental History 

Beyond Occidental Genres

Beyond Occidental Fiction

Beyond Occidental Cultures

Critical Pasts, Presents, and Futures

Cross-Cultural Influences

orient-occident border crossing 

Global Cultures

Historiographical metafiction 



Post Iconography


Post Otherism




transnational connections between genre fictions

transboundary issues 

global genre fiction


Please send paper proposals of 500 words to Sümeyra Buran buransumeyra@gmail.comand Jire Gözen jire.goezen@ue-germany.de by April 1st, 2022. The deadline for the full paper of 5,000 – 7,500 words is August 1st 2022 to be published by Routledge (tentative).