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December 31, 2025
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Rowman & Littlefield
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Series edited by
Peggy Karpouzou and Nikoleta Zampaki

Through the innovative interface of Posthumanities and Citizen Humanities, the Posthumanities and Citizenship Futures Series examines the changing status of subject, subjectivity, agency, humanity and citizenship, depending on the complex relationships between nature, technology, science, and culture. Given the rapid and extensive technoscientific developments, we need to conceive new species’ and planetary narratives beyond our anthropocentrism. The Posthumanities and Citizenship Futures Series reflects on the possible future outcomes of humankind and defamiliarizes the mainstream narratives of humanity so it could be better understood in how it is constructed, performed and protected. The implications of human and non-human life forms’ co-existence within our networked world are researched in the theoretical framework of posthumanism and citizenship studies and through various fields and concepts such as literature, art, urban ecology, smart cities, Anthropocene, the future of humans and Humanities. Proposals are invited by crosscultural and transnational approaches, including but not limited to: environmental posthumanities, citizen humanities, literary theory, cultural studies, philosophy, animal studies, plant studies, religious studies, disability studies, narrative studies, AI and robotics, biotechnology, biopolitics, civil justice, bioethics, medical humanities, gender studies, digital humanities, art, visual studies, media studies, indigenous studies, educational and social studies, psychology and anthropology. The Posthumanities and Citizenship Futures Series seeks to foster an ongoing dialogue between academics and scholars across the globe by featuring monographs and edited collections exploring new narrations, raised by the intersection among biosphere and technosphere in a more-than-human citizenship world.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact Peggy Karpouzou at, Nikoleta Zampaki at, or Courtney Morales at