Narratives of Nation: Contemporary Literary, Cultural and Theoretical Debates

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March 20, 2022
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Central University of Punjab
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 Department of English Central University of Punjab Online Conference on “Narratives of Nation: Contemporary Literary, Cultural and Theoretical Debates” March 24-25, 2022  The Department of English, Central University of Punjab is happy to announce the online inter-disciplinary conference “Narratives of Nation: Contemporary Literary, Cultural and Theoretical Debates”, which will take place on March 24 and 25, 2022.  The conference aims to explore how the idea of nation has changed throughout history, in literary, cultural and theoretical writings. It will seek to hold discussion across different areas of study, aiming to produce a fresh perspective on various questions related to nation, with a particular focus on issues such as identity, representation, discrimination, coexistence, etc. We would like to invite special attention to the role that migration of people, objects and ideas, transnationalism and globalization have played in shaping the narratives of nation.  We invite the participants to contribute 15-minute papers that address, but  are not limited to, the following themes and questions:  - The genesis of the idea of nation in literary, cultural or theoretical writings and how it has changed throughout the centuries.  - Conceptualization of the issues of identity and representation in relation to nation and what kind of impact of migrations is there in shaping the identities.  - How can we think about the idea of nation in the contemporary times of globalization and transnationalism? What is its future?  - How the concept of nation may have been purposely mystified or distorted in order to serve an ulterior motive.  - Is there such a thing as “national literature”? Is it a unified and coherent concept? Is it a useful for academic discussion?  - How the concept of nation has been used to mark an opposition with other cultural, social or religious entities.   Keynote speakers will be Prof. Martin Puchner, Harvard University and Prof. Dhananjay Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru University.  Submission Guidelines: If you are interested in presenting a paper, please send complete paper and a brief author bio. (150 words max) to the email by 20 March 2022.  Dr Vipan Pal Singh          Dr Shahila Zafar   Contact Details: Coordinator           HoD    Ankit 7737195516       Suraj 9911322212       Research Scholars