11th International Conference on Language and Literary Studies - LANGUAGE, LITERATURE, AND INDUSTRY

deadline for submissions: 
June 1, 2022
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Faculty of Foreign Languages Alfa BK University

Faculty of Foreign Languages is pleased to invite you to take part in our 11th International Conference on Language and Literary Studies, which is to take place at Alfa BK University, Belgrade, on 22nd and 23rd September 2022. The topic of the 11th edition of our annual conference is


Linking language and literature – or any other branch of arts and humanities – with industry is certainly not as incongruous as it may at first glance appear. It was, after all, due to both industrious work and industrial endeavours of people such as Johannes Gutenberg and William Caxton that books were given a printed form and found a wider readership. It was also the Industrial Revolution that made languages lexically richer, introducing new words to represent the new industrial reality. While the meaning of the term ‘industry’ has somewhat changed over time and expanded to encompass not only diligence or manufacture but also different branches of business and economy, its connection with languages and literatures remains firm, if not even more fully developed. Today we speak of language industry, which among other fields of study includes translation and communication, or entertainment industry, which is, like all good literature, based on good stories. Machine participation in the provision of language services is a reality of the modern world, and the globalisation process has created the need for the standardisation and certification of these services. With all this in mind, our aim for this conference is to gather researchers who will examine various aspects of the relationship between language, literature, and industry as fields of human effort and achievement. We invite contributions inspired by the following topics and areas of research: 

  • Industrial revolutions and language
  • Industrial revolutions and literature
  • Cultural and creative industries
  • Literature and the poetics of work 
  • Translation, literacy, and book industry
  • Automation in language services
  • Industry-specific languages 
  • Knowledge production and management
  • Standardisation and certification of language services
  • Contemporary sociology and labour market
  • Aspects of media and entertainment industries
  • Other

Conference sessions will be held in both live and online format, at Alfa BK University, Belgrade, and via Google Meet. Conference fee is 50 euros. Presentation abstracts can be submitted via the following link: Language, Literature, and Industries / Jezik, književnost i industrije - Google Forms and will be accepted until 1st June 2022. You will receive notification of acceptance within two weeks of your submission. For any enquiries, please contact us at fsj.conference@alfa.edu.rs