Religion and Literature Permanent Section

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April 15, 2022
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Midwest Modern Language Association
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Religion and Literature

“Post-Now” in Religion and Literature: MMLA Convention

Minneapolis, MN. November 16-22, 2022


The Religion and Literature Permanent Section invites proposals that engage with the 2022 Midwest MLA conference’s theme: Post-Now. Proposals might consider the following questions: How does literature speculate about religion? How do writers shape and reshape the religion that they imagine? How do writers create belief systems? How do different writers construct their vision of future religion? How and why did writers of the past get things wrong?

In keeping with this panel’s broad interpretation of religion to include all intersections of religion, folklore, belief, and literature, those aspiring to be on the panel should feel empowered to offer proposals that interpret the theme rather loosely. Of particular interest will be proposals that address writers and works of any era that look beyond 2022.


Please send 250-word abstracts with title to Dr. Seth Johnson at, no later than April 15th, 2022.