Gender Perspectives in Media and Performance [An Edited Book]

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March 31, 2022
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Dr H Kalpana, Professor, Dept of English, Pondicherry University
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Gendered identities and realities are constituted through, among other things, media, and performance. Paradoxically, however, the representations that substantiate these gender categories are often deployed for radically different purposes. For instance, they might be brought into play for the mobilization of dominant ideologies, on the one hand, and feminist disruptions, on the other. With attention to the diverse forums through which artistic and popular texts reach the public, this edited volume aims to address the inconsistencies, the absurdities, and irregularities of gender in terms of performativity from a historical and contemporary global context. The authors seek to encourage theoretical, political, historical, and generally critical engagement with a variety of texts, ranging from television shows, advertisements, journalism, social media, film, literature, graphic fiction, photography, sports and live performance and to promote active modes of thinking. To accomplish these goals, we invite 300 word abstracts by March 31, 2022. Abstract Submissions should include the name, department, affiliation, and email address in addition to a description of the presentation and the title. Complete papers of the accepted abstracts as per MLA are expected by June 1, 2022.


v  The redeployment of mythological figures.

v  Cultures of censorship.

v  The value and limits of performative theories.

v  Gender, genre and form in a digital age

v  Representations of minorities, marginalized, indigenous and others

v  The politics of comedy and humor

v  New understandings of sexualities

v  Uses and abuses of traditions, rituals, and beliefs.

v  Feminist resistance and empowerment

v  Intersectionality, resistance and media

v  Body and Physical Fitness/Sports


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Editors: Dr. H Kalpana

              Prof & Head

              Dept of English

              Pondicherry University


              Ms. Koyel Chanda

              Research Scholar

              Dept of English

              Pondicherry University


              Ms. Ashly Jossy

              Independent Scholar