CALL FOR PAPERS - GENTES, N. 9/2022 - Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

deadline for submissions: 
September 10, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
University for Foreigners of Perugia
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Submissions for Gentes 9/2022 are now open. Anyone wishing to submit a contribution can send their paper (minimum 20.000 characters-maximum 50.000 characters, including spaces) by September 10, 2022. Prior to submission, please send an abstract (maximum 1000 characters, spaces included) by April 14, 2022.

Issue 9 (year IX) of Gentes. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, aims to propose a reflection on the short-forms of literary writing in prose and verse, that outline a structured framework ranging from the Fragmenta of the Canzoniere to the epigram, aphorism, sentence, apologue and fairy tale, up to the modern verb-visual expressions. According to the journal's intention, brevitas does not only characterize the literary field, but it is a common aspect of all artistic experiences and reaches present reality in which the microtext, the fragment, the temporary, incomplete and reticent forms, the fractures between orality and writing define new narrative and aesthetic perspectives.

Lines of investigation:
brevitas and poetry; brevitas and literature; brevitas and history of language; brevitas and Book history; brevitas and advertising; brevitas and music; brevitas and pictorial-artistic forms; fragment e philological sources; brevitas e narrativity.

Each paper must be accompanied by:

  • An abstract in the paper’s language as well as in English, to be sent by April 14, 2022
  • Keywords (4) in the paper’s language as well as in English
  • Indication of the section of the journal to which the paper is directed
  • The author's bio-bibliographic profile (maximum 10 lines)

Failing to comply to these requests will result in the rejection of the submission. The drafting of the text must be conformed to the editorial guidelines of the journal. Papers in a different format will not be taken into consideration. All papers will be sent for peer review by two external referees for this journal following a double blind method. Papers will be marked by each referee either as a) positive, b) positive with suggestions for improvement, c) negative. Results of the review will be communicated to authors in reasonable time to be able to make improvements to the text taking into account the reviewers’ suggestions.

Papers can be sent as an attachment in .doc format to The e-mail’s object will need to include the author’s surname, the paper’s title and the journal’s section to which the paper is directed.

Reviews, reports, interviews

To submit a review, a brief report or an interview (maximum 10.000 characters) you can e-mail your file as an attachment, conformed to editorial standards and in .doc format, to The editorial board will communicate the acceptance of the submission in a short time