"Future Of Migration"

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April 1, 2022
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Batman University International Migration Symposium 2022


Dear Scholars,


The effects of international migration, which has increased in the last century, on the change and transformation of social structures have also increased the interest in the phenomenon of migration. Integration, citizenship and repatriation are frequently discussed, especially in recent years, on the migrations from Syria and Afghanistan. The discussion is carried out on the following questions:


  • Do states have the right to keep immigrants out?
  • Do immigrants have the right to cross international borders? What are the limits of the right, if any?
  • Do states have the right to send migrants back to their countries of origin?
  • Do states have a mission to offer citizenship or more limited rights to immigrants living on their territory?
  • Do immigrants have a mission to integrate into the host society?


Through all these questions, the future of international migration will be opened for an in-depth discussion with all local and international stakeholders. Therefore, the objective of this event is to deepen critical and scientific knowledge and present an interdisciplinary and wide-ranging discussion. This Symposium also allows young researcher candidates to gain experience, and in this context, provide an environment for undergraduate and graduate students to come together with valuable academics who contribute to the science world. The conference language is Turkish and English. All abstracts and full-text papers to be presented at the symposium will be scanned in the plagiarism program and will be included in the review process. Full-text papers that have passed the peer-review process will optionally be published in Batman University Journal of Life Sciences, Journal of Migration Studies, Route Educational & Social Science Journal, Journal of Management and Economics Research or will be published as an e-book with the ISBN number. In this context, we are delighted and honoured to invite you to the International Symposium titled "Future of Migration", which will be held VIRTUALLY on April 14-15, 2021.


Yours Sincerely,


On behalf of the Organising Committee

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Bimay

Batman University

The Chair of Organising Committee