Southwest Humanities Graduate Student Symposium

deadline for submissions: 
March 18, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Arizona State University
contact email: 

What: CFP for ASU Graduate Student Southwest Humanities Symposium 

When: April 9 & 10, 2022

Where: Zoom (this is a virtual conference)


Graduate school is hard. And it’s particularly difficult during events such as we are experiencing now, whose origins lie outside of academia and the industries of knowledge production, but in ‘the natural world’ itself (the elucidation of which is often claimed for both the object and goal of scholarly work). The pandemic’s disruptions of human life on Earth provide occasion for reconsidering the fundamental concepts and questions that guide us as scholars, students, readers, and people. We ought not let the process of becoming focused scholars in particular disciplines stop us from asking and attending to questions outside our chosen spaces. The world is in need of intellectuals, writers, and artists, and limiting ourselves isn’t the way to encourage ourselves or others to enter these roles. If we agree with Rousseau, who said, “You are lost, if you forget that the Fruits of the Earth belong equally to us all, and the Earth itself to nobody!” then we must also agree that we all can be interested in those fruits. Inviting each other into our disciplines and communicating across genre, discipline, space, and place are integral to creating the kinds of open conversations that break boundaries and forge community.


The Graduate Scholars of English Association invites the submission of 100-250-word abstracts for papers, presentations, performances, and workshops focusing on questions of nature and the natural world. Some questions that may guide your submission (not a full list): What is nature? What is the relationship between nature and truth? What can we know of nature? How do our human capacities of language and communication separate us from unmediated access to nature? Can language itself be considered natural? What is the nature of being? How is the question of nature naive, uncomplicated, or settled? 


Our goal is to invite fellow scholars from various disciplinary branches to come together, which is why our questions are not focused on a singular discipline. Rather than assuming the same questions will move us all, we have tried to leave the questions broad enough to inspire and focused enough to be able to create panels and a unified conference idea. As a community of graduate scholars, let’s share and talk with each other about our work. Please submit abstracts to


Abstracts due by: March 18, 2022

Notice of acceptance by: March 21, 2022