DHSI 2022 – Online Edition Conference & Colloquium

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April 4, 2022
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Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) Conference & Colloquium
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DHSI Conference and Colloquium 2022

Proposals are now being accepted for presentations at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) 2022 – Online Edition Conference & Colloquium.

Since 2009, the DHSI Conference & Colloquium has been a valued part of the annual Digital Humanities Summer Institute. It offers an opportunity to present diverse, dynamic digital humanities research and projects within an engaging, collegial audience that actively fosters the ethos of the greater DHSI community.

Although we’re not able to gather together in person this year for DHSI 2022, we are delighted to be able to hold this event in a virtual space as part of DHSI 2022—Online Edition (June 6–10 2022).  

Presentations may focus on any topic relating to the digital humanities. Submissions are welcome from all members of the digital humanities community, including faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, early career scholars, independent researchers, librarians and others in the GLAM community, alt-academics, academic professionals, those in technical programs, and those new to the digital humanities.

The Conference & Colloquium is a relatively informal, collegial venue for sharing work and ideas, and we encourage presenters to think beyond the traditional conference paper format for their presentations and to invite feedback and engagement from the DHSI community.

This year, live online discussion sessions will be organized throughout DHSI as an opportunity for attendees and presenters to discuss pre-recorded presentations.

Submissions are welcome in three formats:

Conference Presentations

Recorded presentations should be 10–15 minutes long and will be organized into themed sessions. This format is well suited to presenting research findings, in-depth argumentative papers, or reports on completed research.

Colloquium Lightning Talks

Recorded presentations should be 5 minutes long and will be organized into themed sessions. This format is well suited to demonstrations of new tools, reporting on in-progress research, announcing new projects and tools, and brief, tightly focused argumentative papers.


Digital posters will be showcased throughout DHSI in an online exhibit. This format is well suited for summarizing research results, showcasing tools and techniques, and sparking further discussion. Multimedia and interactive posters are welcome.

Please submit proposals through this online submission form.

This form asks for

  • the title of the presentation
  • the names and emails of all contributors
  • a 200–250-word abstract
  • a list of 5 keywords describing the presentation

The deadline for submissions is April 4. Submissions will be reviewed by the Conference & Colloquium committee, with presenters being notified in late April. 

After the event, we will invite presenters to contribute papers to a special issue of Interdisciplinary Digital Engagements in Arts & Humanities (IDEAH), a peer-reviewed, online, open-access journal founded to showcase the innovative, engaging scholarship shared annually at DHSI.

For more information, contact the DHSI Conference & Colloquium Chair, Caroline Winter (winterc@uvic.ca). 

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