Quantitative Methods for Literary and Historical Scholarship -- in Theory and Practice

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May 1, 2022
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Gabriel Egan / De Montfort University (Leicester, England)
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Those of you in the United Kingdom might
be interested in a couple of free training
events being offered in the cities of
Leicester and Leeds. They are called
"Quantitative Methods for Literary and
Historical Scholarship -- in Theory and


These are two 2-day hands-on training sessions
in summer 2022, one at Leeds University in
Leeds (21-22 June 2022) and one at De Montfort
University in Leicester (6-7 September 2022).
The sessions will help literary and
historical scholars who want to use
quantitative methods (especially computational
ones) in their work, but don't know where
to start. The sessions are free and
participants can attend half a day, a
whole day, both days in one town or indeed
all four days in the two cities if they

By 'scholars' we mean anyone working
on literary/historical materials, including:
undergraduate students; post-graduate and
research students; and early, mid, and
late-career university tutors. The
majority of the sessions will be aimed at
those who want to dip their toes into this
field, but we will also offer one-on-one
assistance for those who've got started
and want some guidance with a particular
topic or problem.

There are ten 120 GBP bursaries available
to help defray the costs of any post-graduate
students who want to attend one or more
of the sessions. Details of how to apply
are given on the website mentioned

The sessions are free but you must register.
To register or ask questions about these
events, email Prof Gabriel Egan <gegan@dmu.ac.uk>.

Please pass this email on to anyone you think
might be interested, and please post to other
relevant email discussion lists. Thanks.



Professor Gabriel Egan, De Montfort University. www.gabrielegan.com
Director of the Centre for Textual Studies http://cts.dmu.ac.uk
National Teaching Fellow http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/ntfs
Gen. Ed. New Oxford Shakespeare http://www.oxfordpresents.com/ms/nos