Performing Tutankhamun: One Hundred Years of Retellings

deadline for submissions: 
April 25, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Dr Eleanor Dobson and Dr Leire Olabarria (University of Birmingham)
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The year 2022 marks the centenary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, unearthed by a team of Egyptian excavators led by Howard Carter and financed by the fifth Earl of Carnarvon. In the hundred years that followed, in what ways have media and performance contributed to the retelling and reshaping of this historic moment and the discovery’s cultural aftermath? Whose voices have been amplified, and whose marginalised? Where has historical accuracy given way to creative license? What audiences have been catered to, and what does this tell us about the ways in which Egyptology is ‘consumed’?

This event will showcase the work of researchers working on these issues in short papers, after which will follow a roundtable of invited speakers: Dr Elizabeth Frood, Dr Fatma Keshk, Dr Daniela Rosenow, and Prof. Richard Bruce Parkinson. The day will conclude with an original performance based on the tomb discovery informed by archival sources held at the Griffith Institute.

The organisers invite proposals for 15-minute papers that are interested in examining ‘retellings’ of the tomb’s discovery, and are especially keen to hear from researchers who would like to present on the story of the tomb discovery as (re)told for Egyptian and non-Anglophone audiences.

Please send abstracts to and by 25 April 2022. We have planned for the event to be accessible to in-person and online attendees, and it would be useful if you could indicate if possible whether you have a preference in terms of presenting in Birmingham or remotely when submitting your abstract. More information is available on the conference website: We look forward to hearing from you!