CfP: Connections, Interconnections and Disconnections Pt2

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August 31, 2024
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Festival Culture Research and Education

Call for Journal Articles Now Open

Every year after our symposium, we invite authors to submit papers for consideration for publication. 

We are now inviting submissions for part two of the theme 'connections, interconnections, and disconnections'. To be published in Volume 3 of the Journal of Festival Culture Inquiry and Analysis by the end of 2024, 

Whether ancient or modern, we continue to examine festival culture around the world. Papers should explore how these connections, interconnections, and disconnections may shape and influence cultural practices, traditions, and norms.


Full Call for papers

In our fourth annual event (11 June 2023), we examined the theme of 'connections, interconnections, and disconnections' in festive and celebratory culture.

We continued to discuss carnivals, festivals, fairs, rituals, and other celebrations, as well as the meanings, emotions, experiences, and feelings people hold, and the confidence they place in their beliefs.

Aside from exploring the aesthetic and sensory dimensions of festive spaces, the symposium also examines the connections between time, people, communities, networks, cooperative spirit, food, dress, and costumes.

In what ways are we connected to, interconnected with, disconnected from, or reconnected to culture? How and why do we make these connections? We consider whether there might be a universal connection between varying and diverse festivals and carnivals worldwide. Our theme takes into account shared values, practices, customs, heritage, traditions, continuity, uniqueness, and differentiation within festive culture. As we focus on our experiences of carnivals, festivals, fairs, rituals, etc., we take into account how festivals themselves may be interconnected or intertwined. Or for example, share similarities but performed at different times of the year. What strong connections, interconnections, and disconnections can be found, learned, and shared?

Proposals may also address, but are not limited to, the following themes:

• Art, Craft, and Practice

• Carnivals (including Diasporic Carnivals)

• Celebration and Leisure

• Costume and the Body

• Creative  Industries

• Culture and Politics

• Dance and Performance 

• Education

• Embodiment 

• Events 

• Food Culture 

• Community Making (Re-making)

• Literature

• Medieval Culture

• Night Festivals  

• Memory, Nostalgia, and Temporality

• Music and Sound 

• Tradition and Heritage 

• Religion

• Resistance, Resilience, and Activism

• Tourism 


We look forward to receiving: A 500-word Abstract, no more than a 5,000-word completed paper (only abstracts/papers which have not been previously presented and published will be considered), and a bio of no longer than 100 words should be included (Word doc. files only).


Key Dates: Extended

500-word Abstract Proposal Submission: 30th June 2024

Completed Paper Submission Deadline: 30th July 2024

Expected Publication Date: 2024/25


Volume 2 of our journal is out now


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