Panel "The Child in Utopia" for the Society for Utopian Studies, November 9-13, 2022

deadline for submissions: 
May 13, 2022
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Elaine Ostry
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Seeking paper proposals for a panel on The Child in Utopia for the Society for Utopian Studies, November 9-13, 2022, in Charleston, SC.
If how a society is judged by how it treats its children, what can we make of the representation of children in utopias and dystopias? How are our cultural perspectives of childhood influenced by utopian or dystopian notions? Are utopias themselves childlike? How are childhood and utopia linked? Are these static or dynamic? These and many other questions can be explored in this panel. The conference’s theme is “make, unmake, remake”—which echoes the path of maturation. Papers dealing with any aspect of child culture, stemming from any academic or creative discipline, are welcome.
Please email a proposal of up to 250 words.