Philosophy and Literature

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May 15, 2022
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This session welcomes papers that delve deeply into the shared spaces between literature and philosophy for this year's PAMLA Conference in Los Angeles, California (Nov. 11-Nov. 13, 2022).  Literature has had a long history of being discerned and practiced through the philosophical. From the early writings of Plato to the contemporary work of Martha Nussbaum, literature has generated invaluable resources of epistemology, normativity, aesthetics, and studies of language and consciousness (among other critical fields of study).  Participants are encouraged to shape their study through whatever lens they would like (ontological, epistemic, rhetorical, aesthetic, adaptive, existential, metaphysical, phenomenological, humanist, normative, theoretical, gender/ethnic/racial/queer, etc.), and papers that address the PAMLA 2022 conference theme of “Geographies of the Quotidian and Fantastical” are particularly welcomed. Please submit an abstract of your paper/proposal by May 15, 2022 to: