Conditions and Terms: Methods and Disciplines of Knowledge

deadline for submissions: 
May 6, 2022
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King's College London


Conditions and Terms: Methods and Disciplines of Knowledge

The arts and humanities face an uncertain future. In an increasingly harsh environment, academics — especially early-career academics — have become subject to new and troubling conditions — intellectual, financial, and disciplinary. The KCL English PG conference seeks to interrogate the state of the academy for both students and early-career researchers, investigating how disciplinary boundaries both help and hinder our academic work, and how contractual precarity, the demands of a research audit environment, and government policy that is hostile to the arts and humanities, impact our careers. In a world where scholars are increasingly bound to terms and conditions that structure how we work, how can we continue to think independently and critically? Specifically, what can postgraduate students and early researchers do to change this system that we are inheriting?

We welcome proposals of up to 250 words for fifteen-minute papers (+5 minute Q&A session), panel discussions, group presentations, creative work, performance pieces, and other types of innovative, interdisciplinary presentations engaging with the key concepts of terms and conditions. Themes might include, but are not limited to:

Language — Translation, terminology, taxonomy, challenging terms; World — Environment, post-colonialism, disciplinarity’s colonial investments, conditions of extraction, ecological crisis; The Body — Disability studies, posthumanism, health conditions, queer bodies, racialised bodies, non-human bodies; Production and process — Working conditions, writing conditions, literary contexts, material conditions, the academy and production of knowledge; Time —Term time and university conditions, periodisation, chronology, presentism, material histories/archives and power, genealogy, future conditions; Power — Conflict and systems of control, knowledge and violence, the university as institution, hegemony, heteronormativity, resistance, surveilled conditions, empire.

Agreement to Terms

To present at the conference (“the Event”), please submit a short biography and an idea of up to 250 words (“the Abstract”) for a 15-minute paper with a five-minute Q&A, to (“the E-mail”) by Friday, the 6th of May. You will hear back from us by Friday, the 27th of May. The event will take place on Friday, the 24th, and Saturday, the 25th of June, both online and in person at King’s College London (“the Venue”).