CFP: REVELAR Journal vol.7 (2022): «Audiovisual interstices: reframing Photography and Sound»

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June 30, 2022
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REVELAR Journal of Photography and Image Studies
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REVELAR — Journal of Photography and Image Studies is open to works for its volume 7 (2022) in the following modalities:
1. Scientific papers
2. Reviews (on books, essays, or photography exhibitions)
3. Photo-essays (open to both amateurs and professional photographers)
4. Varia (other works unrelated to the theme explored in the volume)

When addressing the relationship between photography and sound, Angus Carlyle (2016) drew affinities between field recording practices and those of the New Topographics movement, given that both regard stillness and immersion within the landscape. In his work 'America', Baudrillard offers a reading on silence, juxtaposed to the sonorities the contours of an image can evoke: "the silence of the desert is a visual thing" (1988, 6). Framing our spatial surroundings can indeed allow us to map the silences and noises that shape them, where the presence/absence of the human figure can act as a mirror of intimacy and a scale that accentuates the dimension of the place, whether natural or constructed. In fact, numerous photographers, videographers, filmmakers and visual – and sound! – artists have explored this concept.

However, the relationship between sound and image, in photography, entails values beyond the fruition of the place and the landscape. The sound-image synchrony can be understood as an exercise on the visualisation of sound – as well as the ‘sonority’ of the image – that substantiates the approach on the medium as a document indissoluble from its cultural context. It is the object itself, subjected to ‘loss and erasure’ and preservation of the material ‘noise’, that Christoph Cox (2001) establishes as the key-element to the relationship between photography and sound. Therefore, it is relevant to also consider the haptic qualities, as well as the questions on materiality and synaesthesia that the axis photography-sound confines.

It becomes pertinent to question: what is an image? In what way do photographs act as visual instructions to the sonic experience? Can we discuss synaesthesia when the sight-sound relationship renders meaning? In what manner is meaning dependent on visual literacy and the transmission of references? And what approaches can be devised when the scope is amplified to the discourse between photography and music?

We thus invite Photographers and Visual Studies scholars, but also researchers in fields such as Art History, Musicology and Architecture, to offer an interdisciplinary approach to photography and visual sound: on the one hand, as the fruition of the soundscape/landscape as an audio-visual document; on the other, as an exercise on the visualisation of sound and its role in contemporary visual culture and its transmedial manifestations. The key topics we wish to propose for discussion are:
- The relationship between photography and sound: transmedial capture of sound and light.
- Reframing the New Topographics Movement: capturing soundscapes, atmospheres, and sense of place in man-altered environments.
- Architectures of Sound: representations and perceptions of space and sound.
- Photography as a sonic texture: metaphors, materiality and meaning.
- The luminal space and the capture of time, rhythms, and transferences.
- Framing visual sound: from oscilloscopes to synaesthesia.
- The role of photography in publishing music: visual literacy and the orchestration of an image via album covers.
- Visualisation of music: aesthetic, photographic image, and music videos.
- Visual identity and musical idioms.

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